Who's Who

As a school,  we are keen to foster strong home-school links. Teaching staff are available at the end of the school day, but you will always find our Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher on the playground at the start of the day to discuss any concerns or compliments that you may have. 

Parents, who may not be able to meet after school, are encouraged to make an appointment via telephone or email with the school office. 


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Sloper

Deputy Headteacher - Mr Andrews

SENCo - Mrs Adams

Finance Manager - Mr Milner 


Teaching Staff

Mrs Marsh- Oyster Class (Reception / Yr1)

Mrs Adams - Seahorse Class (Yr 1 / 2)

Mrs Langton -  Maths and English (Yr 2)

Miss Kalama - Dolphin Class (Yr 3)

Mrs Meecham - Turtle Class ( Yr 4/5)

Mr Andrews / Mrs SLoper - Orca Class (Yr 5/6)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ascott 

Mrs Cook 

Mrs Dodd 

Mrs Gowers 

Mrs Gray

Mrs Morgan

Miss Quantrill

Ms Telford 

Miss Warren 


Office Staff

Mr Milner - Finance Manager      Business Interests - NONE

Miss Wilson - Office Assistant     Business Interests - NONE

Mrs Martin - Receptionist             Business Interests - NONE


Midday Staff

Mrs Meyne

Mrs Martin


Site Staff

Mr Langton - Site Manger        Business Interests - NONE

Mrs Wilkinson                              Business Interests - NONE

Mrs Meyne                                   Business Interests - NONE