Teaching of Maths

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 To support the teaching of maths at Rettendon we follow the Maths No Problem  scheme, recommended by the Department for Education and in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. This scheme is based on what has become known as "Singapore Maths" and is structured to support mastery of mathematics. 

The whole class works through the programme of study at the same pace with ample time on each topic before moving on. Ideas are revisited at higher levels as the curriculum spirals through the years. 

Teaching Maths For Mastery

 Differentiated activities

Tasks and activities are designed to be easy for pupils to enter while still containing challenging components. For advanced learners, the textbooks also contain non-routine questions for pupils to develop their higher-order thinking skills.

Problem solving

Lessons and activities are designed to be taught using problem-solving approaches to encourage pupils’ higher-level thinking. The focus is on working with pupils’ core competencies, building on what they know to develop their relational understanding, based on Richard Skemp’s work.

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach

Based on Jerome Bruner’s work, pupils learn new concepts initially using concrete examples, such as counters, then progress to drawing pictorial representations before finally using more abstract symbols, such as the equals sign.

Concrete Pictorial Abstract


The questions and examples are carefully varied by expert authors to encourage pupils to think about the maths. Rather than provide mechanical repetition, the examples are designed to deepen pupils’ understanding and reveal misconceptions.

This chart details the coverasge provided to each year group throughout the school terms. 

Maths No Problem Yrs 1-6