Rettendon Primary School

Rettendon Primary School


The National Curriculum is planned to provide a broad and balanced education for each pupil.

The areas covered are the core subjects of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and computing, together with Religious Education, History, Geography, Art and Design, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Spanish, Music and Personal, Social/Health Education and a language.

 Reading, Spelling and Grammar and Maths are taught formally in the mornings and the group size for these lessons is usually 15 or less. These groups are ‘set’ by each child’s ability and potential target. There are seven progressive sets covering a very wide ability range. The highest set works at Level 6 which constitutes a very high level of attainment and secures and excellent foundation for secondary school education. Setting ensures all children are challenged and accelerated at the correct rate for their academic needs and not necessarily for their age. The other subjects are taught during the afternoons using a themed approach. During the afternoons there is no ‘set’ system so the children can spend time with their age related peers in their classrooms.

All staff keep abreast of new developments in Education by continually updating their training portfolio.

We strive to bring first hand experiences to the children wherever possible as we believe this is an effective and enjoyable way to learn. We achieve this by planning for learning to take place outside the classroom by visiting places of interest, working outdoors and inviting specialist visitors and educational teams into school.

We know that you want to be well informed about your child’s progress at school and to help us do this we have a Home-School Link Book and Reading Record Book that comes home daily. This allows parent and teacher to communicate regularly. Should you wish to see your child’s teacher it may be necessary to make an appointment. If you put a note in your child’s Home-School Link Book or email the school, the teacher will be able to suggest a suitable time. All staff keep abreast of new developments in Education by continually updating their training portfolio. Staff training is planned carefully to support the School Development Plan and current school initiatives.

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