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Rettendon Primary School

Class 3 Blog

20th September 2019

I am going to start this new Class 3 blog congratulating every single child of yours, they have worked really hard. Since the beginning of the year, your children have learnt about nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and even sentence starters. They managed to put them into sentences – some of them with question marks and exclamations. Statements are easy now and root words are part of our daily spelling sessions. The class is working hard to improve the handwriting and presentation in books. We are still working on it! Maths has been all about place value. We are going to be moving into addition very soon. Don’t forget to revise the time tables with your children at dinner time or in the car. In science they have been learning about rocks. Our class is full of rocks already! On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to have Mrs Fallows and Mrs Wright showing us around the church. In there, we saw man-made rocks and natural ones. They managed to touch every single one! We have started our weekly Spanish lesson. Don’t be surprised if your little ones come home talking in a foreign language! They seem to enjoy it and I love watching them talking to me in Spanglish!

4th October 2019

Lots of things happened over these two weeks; but I am going to mention something that I will remember the most. It wasn’t the grammar, it wasn’t the amount of simple addition and less simple ones they have done, not even the rocks or fossils around the class from your children…it was during snack time. We went outside with the carrots, apples, raisins, bananas and much more and I watched them playing,laughing and especially being so nice to each other- that for me that was the highlight of the month.

Next week, we will carry on with our fairy tales. The focus for this month has been to be able to use our imagination. What about if the three little pigs are not that little? What about if Pinocchio…? So far they have managed to describe the character and have started putting it into a setting. Can’t wait to read the stories, where I will be checking the use of past tense, adjectives and even subordinated conjunctions! Hopefully, they will remember the handwriting as well.


18th October 2019

A day in Class 3 can be exhausting (but fun as well). Maths- trying to learn the timetables, forget about the additions for now and start learning how to do subtracting with renaming. They have tried every single way…but singing when doing subtraction was the most successful way! Ask your children about it. Interesting but effective! Break time. Back to lessons with phonics and spellings. Will it be suffixes, prefixes, silent consonants, homophones…? English – last week they managed to do the first independent writing of the year. Write, read, check, edit and much more. This week they started the non-fiction. Monday, I was able to introduce the idea of Information Text. My hopes of getting everything right was a little ambitious.

Tuesday, I was not sure but I was not going to give up. Headings, subheadings, glossary, index…did all of this make sense to them? Wednesday…they produced the most amazing lay-out ever! And even the content!  Well done to all of them.  Afternoon sessions have been full of more learning. Geography, RE, Spanish, PE…but the most interesting thing has been going outside with our bananas, apples, pears and carrots looking for ‘curiosities’ around the playground, like Mary Anning did years ago on a beach. They did not find fossils but lots of interesting things (for them). Also, we were lucky again to have Mrs Fallows and Mrs Wright showing us the differences between soil and compost. I never thought that soil would be so exciting for a six years old. Well done Class are brilliant!


 8th November 2019

Half Term went very quickly (for some quicker than others). I was pleased to see all the children getting back to their routine with happy faces and with plenty of energy to continue learning. The children are getting better at tidying up their new individual storage boxes for their belongings. The best has been teaching them how to fold a big jacket to fit in the storage box! It took me and Mrs Cook a few mornings for them to do it right! Not sure if your children mentioned that the class has created a wormery. They put different layers of soil, some leaves, some stones, a little water, some small vegetables peels and finally our little friends …some worms. This wormery will be with us for the rest of the year to see what the worms get up to. We are still waiting for something exciting to happen.

This term the children will be doing some local history with Mrs Marsh. I cannot wait for them to share this topic with me. There is so much still to learn from this part of the country! English has been all about poetry with suffixes. Suddenly, a suffix is changing the whole meaning of a root word! Also, it has been nice to listen all of them reciting some poetry – modern poetry. In maths they are continuing to practise the time tables. Keep practising with your children and even the division.  One of the highlights of the week has been teaching them how to sew. Needles, felt, different stitches, 32 children and me. You can imagine the rest…or wait until the end of the term to find out.


 22nd November 2019

Another amazing week with Class 3. Take some suffixes (different ones from the previous week), put them into sentences using comparative and superlative and finally …create a poem! They managed to remember that and even more – the handwriting! As I said in one of my previous blogs ‘A day in Class 3 can be exhausting but fun!’ I am amazed at the amount of learning I have seen over the last few weeks. The highlight has been today when Mr Andrews took my class for English. When I came back to them he said, ‘You have a lovely class Mrs Meecham!’ I replied, ‘Yes I know.’ They are amazing even when they struggle with a new concept.

Maths has been all about more multiplication knowledge, even with word problems. This week they have started multiplying 2-digits by one. Nothing to worry about if their knowledge of times tables is secured. Please, keep revising with your children.  Mrs Marsh took the children (with some helpers) to do some sketching of the landscape behind the local church. I am always going to love seeing children learning about something new. That landscape has always been there but …did they stop to look at it in detail before? The children in the whole school are going to start practising a Christmas Spanish song. I have started with my class to see how long it was going to take me to teach it…they are quick learners! Do not be surprised if they have been singing it even during their sleep.

Finally, your children and I decided to put those worms back into their natural habitat. The wormery has been with us for a whole month but we felt that they belong to a more natural environment. We went outside and we put them back near the field at the back of the school. It was nice to see the worms wriggling and squirming through the soil. I will miss them but I think we have made a good decision.