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Rettendon Primary School

Class 2 Blog

20th September 2019

Class 2 have settled into their new routine. They are grouped for either phonics or spellings and Year 1 Maths is taught by Mrs Marsh and Year 2 Maths is taught by Mrs Langton. At the moment, we are doing our mile a day run, mid-morning. The children are encouraged to drink from their water bottle straight afterwards, which is positioned adjacent to the classroom entrance. In Literacy, we have been reading The Tiger Came to Tea and Dogger. The Year 2 children have been retelling the story and editing their writing. The Year 1 children have been focusing on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Some children have been using a conjunction in their sentences too. In Science, we’ve been learning about how we use our five senses. In Geography, we have looked at a map of Rettendon, locating the school, Little Darwins and the church. We have also written about the different types houses we live in or have visited. 



4th October 2019

This week, Year 2 have been learning to add in tens and ones, using the column method.

In PE, we have loved our football lessons with the coach and practising catching skills. In Art, we’ve been painting beautiful starry skies, in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and in Geography, we’ve enjoyed using compasses to find North, South, East and West.

Class 2 are still running everyday but due to time restraints we do not have time to change into running shoes, so the children have been able to take them home.



18th October 2019

Class 2 have been learning about our local area in Geography and History. Mrs Fallows took us on a ‘history walk’ of Rettendon. Amongst other things, we learnt that the church is 1000 years old, the oldest tree is an oak tree that is 400 years old and the Community Hall was originally a soldier’s hut during WW1. We’ve been learning compass directions and have enjoyed drawing them in chalk outside. In PE the coach has been teaching dribbling and how to pass the ball in different ways, using the inside of the foot, outside of the foot and how to pull back the ball. 


8th November 2019

Class 2 have been starting each day practising their fine motor skills by learning running stitch. This is in preparation for a sewing project this half term. In Geography, we have been comparing the similarities and differences between the countryside and a town. We discussed the pros and cons of each and then made a model scene with Lego, blocks, people and animals. We have enjoyed using the new yoga mats and this week practised balances, including the crow, flamingo, tree and dancer pose. Class 1 and 2 are joining together for The Nativity. Roles have been assigned and there has been some lovely singing, which you might have already heard at home! 


22nd November 2019

In Science, class 2 have been learning about the properties of different materials and sorting items into groups. We have been comparing and describing metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabric and water. PE is currently on a Thursday and Friday. We have been doing yoga on Thursday and we have a dance and drama coach on Friday, who has been choreographing the moves for a couple of our Nativity songs.

Class 2’s Vincent Van Gogh Art work of a Starry Night Sky looks fabulous on display, demonstrating the children’s swirly brush techniques. Thank you to those of you who have sent in Nativity costumes already. Please could the costumes be brought in by Tuesday 10th December, so that we can do a dress rehearsal on Wednesday 11th. Thank you for your support.