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Rettendon Primary School

Class 1 Blog

20th September 2019

Class 1 have had a brilliant first few weeks! We are enjoying lots of firsts: this week we have had our first full day; first PE lesson; first phonics lesson, and welcomed our parents and families into the classroom for the first time this year.

Our learning theme this half term is superheroes. We have enjoyed designing our own superhero costumes and discussing our dream super powers. The artist Roy Lichtenstein is famous for his comic book style pop art; we have studied some of his work and created our own superhero artwork using some of his techniques.

We have been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen and learning to follow recipes, while honing our stirring technique to combine ingredients.

We have set up our own Superhero HQ and are regularly receiving calls to action! We have been answering phone calls and writing messages, and using a world map to locate the source of trouble!

  4th October 2019

In Class One we having been counting and recognising numbers to 20. We have enjoyed playing number games on the interactive whiteboard, and can’t wait to show you how high we can count.

On Monday we went to the Harvest festival at the church. We walked sensibly and were very careful crossing the road. In the church we sat beautifully and enjoyed listening to the story of Ruth and hearing how our food donations will help others.

In PE we have been exploring ways of travelling and are looking forward to using equipment next week.We have also been practicing our ball skills with a coach and are getting really good at rolling and pushing balls.

We have all completed our first piece of writing in our writing books. We worked really hard at sounding out the word ‘am’ and writing our name. We are very proud of ourselves!
Keep checking Tapestry for more updates. We look forward to seeing parents at the RWI workshop at 6pm on Monday 14th October.

18th October 2019

Last week in Class One we started learning about people who help us as part of our Superheroes theme. We had a visit from a real nurse and asked her lots of questions. We also learnt about Police officers and started to turn our role play area into a Police Station. Last Friday we used some more of our home grown tomatoes to make a sauce for pizzas, we had great fun squeezing and squelching the tomatoes!

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We had fun finding them in shaving foam in the garden, and have been able to spot 2D shapes around the school and classroom. We have also been using a large 100 square to help us count over 30 objects; we are getting really good at finding one more and one less than numbers up to 30. We have now learned 10 phonemes and can read and spell so many words! We love writing in our books and can’t wait to show you our work at Monday’s book look.

We cannot wait for our Class One Comicon event next Friday, look out for the letter coming home today with all the information you need.


 November 8th 2019

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term. We hope you all had a lovely half term; we have enjoyed hearing about the children’s adventures. We have been using the sounds we know to write about our half term, as well as practising our past tense vocabulary when talking about what we have been doing. We are now learning a new phoneme every day and so far have 15 phonemes we can say, read, write, and use to spell. This week in maths we have been learning to add 2 groups of objects. We are using written calculations (i.e. 3+2=) as instructions to add. Ask us to show you at home! We have been learning about Bonfire Night and creating firework art through a variety of media. We have used pastels, glitter, and blow painting, as well as creating a 3D rocket decorated with 2D shapes we have drawn and cut out ourselves.




22nd November 2019

Class One have been busy learning about farms and farm animals. We have been talking about where food comes from and went on a local walk to a vegetable farm nearby. We had a lovely afternoon and the weather was perfect! As well as discussing how vegetables grow, we talked about not eating mushrooms and berries we find in the wild, and found some of the animal habitats we have been learning about. We have planted our own broad beans and can’t wait to watch them grow!

We have created textured collages of the farm animals we will be in the nativity, and have created some brilliant writing about our favourite farm animals. We read the story ‘The Naughty Sheep’ and had great fun writing some more naughty things the sheep could get up to! In maths we have been learning about pairs of numbers that make 10 and adding using a part part whole diagram.  

We found out that potatoes grow under the ground and we made some mashed potato. Archie said “It was deeeeeelicious!”